Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lisbon, Portugal...Rotary International Convention in 2013

Come to Lisbon Portugal in June 2013..... see what ROTARY is doing in the world, to help others. Be a part of the culture and FUN! Become a ROTARIAN, today to support your community. Contact the Redmond Rousers Rotary for more info on HOW to become a Rotarian in your hometown. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am a writer - therefore I write

"I am a writer....therefore, I write". This has been my story and mantra for the past 2 years with the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club. Our BLOG has been a vision into our future...and our past. Our legacy, our stories, our community, the local service projects, international projects and our members have been well served...and we continue to grow. Membership is only $125.00 per quarter/ $500.00 per year....join in....BE A ROTARY LEADER in the best way possible doing..... Service ABOVE Self. 

Our new Theme for next year 2012-2013, is "PEACE though SERVICE". I think this is something everyone can relate to. Join the new Club President Gordon Kyle, as he continues to do Service in our community.

Our Meetings are now held on TUESDAYS at the OLD Redmond Schoolhouse at 16600 - N.E. 80th in Downtown Redmond..... 2 blocks Behind FRANKIE'S Pizza. Come find Rm#05, let's break bread & have dinner together and get to know your community members.  Find out how to do some GOOD STUFF together for others.

Kelly Kyle - 425-765-5433 cell
Redmond Rousers Rotary  - 2 term, Club President
July 1st, 2010 - June 30th, 2012
District 5030 "Rotarian of the YEAR - 2011"

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