Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are you NETWORKING like a professional?

Professional NETWORKING can be fun & rewarding. Anyone who likes people, likes to hear new dynamic stories about people who are "getting the job done", usually loves to network.  I like to think of networking as a modern day jousting competition. You talk, they talk, you talk, they talk....etc, collect a business card, & move on to the next person to meet in the room. If it's done right, no one gets hurt. I personally think it is FUN and here's my personal networking site to view. But I LOVE talking to people. Some people do not like networking at all. What are YOUR thoughts on this subject?

HOW do YOU do your NETWORKING?... let me know....I'd like to BLOG about it here. Leave me an  e-message or let's talk face to face over a cup of coffee.  or 

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