Monday, October 3, 2011

HUGS and KISSES to Amanda Knox, as the PNW supports you

It's hard to think of someone who is inocent, being locked up. This case, in Italy has had so many twists and turns, but some underlying truths have been realised today, Oct 3rd 2011.

AMANDA is finally coming home. As a blogger & writer, I am posting my opinion and commentary on it. I am happy she will be here in the PNW to heal and be loved by her family, and by all of us who really care. I , Kelly Kyle, am an artist . I am also the the current president of our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club, and we seek justice for all. Rotary is a place to find justice...happiness and serve our communities, just look at our Rotary 4 way Test that all of us ROTARIANS hold dear. In our club, our motto is: WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  In our club, we help  kids, families, in the PNW and all over the world. I hope Amanda's family will be able to help and love her and let her become normal again..start working on a Bucket list of things to accomplish in your life....Nothing in the past 4 years with this case has been Normal.... We love you Amanda... PEACE OUT, keep smiling....  HUGS!!! from happy hearts in Redmond, Wa.

Big Lake - a 54 mile BIG finish & stopping point for Coup de Cascades Riders

Call the Race what you will...thrilling, AMAZING....Awesome...But the 18 Riders who chose to do the 54 mile or 108 mile ride were having fun at the end and half way points on this destination. Big Lake Bar & Grill hit a home run with everyone on the first ever Coup de Cascades Ride.

The food and attmosphere were great at the Grill. Hwy 9 in this area is pretty amazing for a nice bike ride, on a beautiful day. Check out Big lake Bar and Grill while you are up in that won't be disapointed. Tell them Kelly, from the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club sent you!

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