Monday, February 28, 2011

Rotary International CONVENTION in NEW ORLEANS 2011

The ROTARY INTERNATIONAL convention is only a few months away..... go to the website to see all the updates and what's -what in NEW ORLEANS.....USA.  I'm looking forward to going and hoping you all can make it down there too.

Our Redmond Rousers Rotary would like to try to help with a service project in the area....and or help with a habitat home or something fun to do. If anyone has any good leads for us, please let me know.... 

This AWESOME photo is of some Canadians at the friendship area 2010 in Montreal, Cananda.....looking forward to New Orleans....Louisiana 2011. Shrimp, crawfish, cornfritters, music, people: Ray Klinginsmith, new freinds, old peace, friendship exchange, and ROTARY at it's best!! What's not to like?...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - My Oh My (Official Video)

Here's a little didy about the Mariners baseball...and LIFE. Thanks... Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and others for making this video.... and MY OH MY..... Thanks Dave Neihaus for the memories.

The Redmond Rousers Rotary club, thanks all Mariner's Baseball FANS everywhere.... for making the Mariners and Safeco Field #1 in Seattle. Rousers' Club president Kelly Kyle and members Gordon Kyle, Jim Wilson, Katie Ginn, Scott Bell and others, go and watch the M's play.

Don Burrows author of Resumes That Resume Careers - Why you need a profe...

My Friend DON BURROWS has a great message...BE the MEATBALL, NOT THE SPAGHETTI. Do you know what that means?.... please watch this short video to find out how to land your perfect job, to capitalize on the skill set you already have and want others to know. He has started collaborating with Deborah Drake and Scott Bell see why.

The Redmond Rousers had DON as a speaker a few months ago, and we loved his presentation. Don was generous in his time and talents and will help you if you ask or contact his website. Click here to find out about Resumes that resume careers.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rotary Minute: As a Rotarian, how have you provided service?

A ROTARY do you see yourself in ROTARY....Active, Not Active,  Engaged,  Educated?.... Every person can help...  ROTARY  gives you a vehicle to do "Service Above Self".

Dr. Aditi.....the premier Dentist in Redmond

Dr Aditi Agarwal's new DENTIST office is located on Avondale and 116th in Redmond. That is down by the local PCC store and SNAP FITNESS. . She is offering a one time discount for NEW CLIENTS. Dr. Aditi was our sponsor this fall 2010, of the 3rd grade dictionary project in our community. Einstein Elementary School, is just up behind her location. Thanks to her, 62 kids at that school received Dictionaries to take home....Thank You, Dr. Aditi for helping KIDS. She showed the kids HOW to brush and floss on a large model of TEETH, so they will take better care of their own teeth.

Her office is fresh and clean with beautiful colors of golds, olive and eggplant. Every chair has a TV to watch and is comfortable with a blanket, if you wish. The staff are friendly, nice and all are super professional. My teeth have never been so clean of well cared for. Dr. Aditi and her family are wonderful advocates of the Redmond Rousers and we wish them well in their new digs....right here in our own area. See the video tour of their office on the link below. So, pick up the phone and call them at 425-29TOOTH....for a consultation or appointment.

For more information click on this link to see AVONDALE SMILES and how they can help you and your teeth....towards a better smile.

Friday, February 25, 2011

NEW ZEALAND disaster Relief and help coming from Rotarians on 2/25/2011

New Zealand has had a rough time with the latest Earthquake. Rotarians and people from all over the world are doing things to help them. Disaster relief and aide, for the people in NZ, is coming to help people in all areas. Click on the links here to find ways to help them. Money can be collected through our club, and sent to help.

Thanks from the ROUSERS....
Kelly Kyle
Club President - 2010-2012

About my Blog - Blaine Millet - Social Media

About my Blog

Who is Blaine Millet?.....just the next Social Media Superstar! Read Blaine's message and feel compelled to DO SOMETHING with your business. Doing something good for yourself....and your businesses. I am blessed to have found Blaine and his talents to be our ADVOCATE for the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club. Here in little ole Redmond, Wa. Blaine recognizes how we all can use the mass media for the good of the community and to help people. your advocate...???

Helping people for the good of all is what we Rotarians like to call "SERVICE ABOVE SELF"
For more info on how we can help our community, or if YOU KNOW of a project for us, please let us know.....

Redmond Rousers Now on TWITTER

Our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club is now on TWITTER. Come follow us as we go about trying to help save the world.... one project at a time.  We practice the  "4 Way Test",  Is it FAIR to all concerned,  and the "Objects of Rotary".  President Kelly invites you to become a ROUSER, help us help others.

Click on some of our projects. They include;  Paws 4 Polio = A local Mutt Show, Rotary First Harvest, Hopelink-Garden Project, Warm Coats, Dictionaries for 3rd graders, Africa Start-up, Scholarships, Students of the Month at EHS, REK = Rotary Embraces Kids, a holiday program.

Come see us sometime... at Fairwinds.    If you want to follow us on TWITTER, please click here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 California ROTARY clubs...on President Kelly's AWESOME list

3 make-ups in one week....that's a lot of ROTARY... in a GOOD way! While visiting the southern California area, in Jan-Feb 2011, I decided to do a few make-ups and see what was going on. I was pleasantly surprised, and here's what I found out. People are very friendly. They really go out of their way to welcome you. They SING...a lot.... and they have GREAT projects that help their communities.... and together we all want world peace.

The Carlsbad Rotary meets at The Hilton Gardens, near the beach, on Thursday evenings and is a really AWESOME, hip, group of people. They are proud to be close to camp pendelton and work closely with the Camp Pendelton Rotary for lots of things. The night I was there they gave out a Paul Harris +1 award & they had a guy in a CHEESE head, and Packers snuggie....for the upcoming SUPERBOWL. We took a picture, but it got lost in syberspace.  I also lost their club pin, that I was given. It's a beautiful, Bird of Paradise flower, the Rotary wheel and their name on it. I am delighted I had it for 3 days...but have lost it somewhere in my travels. Easy come, easy go.

The next club I went to was at the Carlsbad HI- Noon club. They too were very nice...and had a LOT of great programs and visitors too. One visitor, of whom was there from the Chicago area, was looking for ways to increase membership, like us. The club president greeted each and every guest as they came in to the meeting, all 60 of them.  EVERYONE signed up at the front table. The front table was staffed with 3 people....I was so envious....just watching this ritual and learned that with better communication, it can be done. Way to go volunteers!!!

And last, but certainly not least...the Santa Barbara Sunrise club. They meet at 7am and taunt you on their website to "come see the BEST club in the universe"....and so we did! Gordon & I had the best breakfast on our whole journey there with them. Their speaker for the day was none other than a gentleman who had been touched by polio as a child. He thanked Rotary for helping eradicate it..and our work we do.  He is also the son of the FAMOUS AMOS, of "AMOS and ANDY", from the radio days in the 20's and 30's. The stories he told made the people come to life. THANKS!

My trip was long...but very good. I was able to reach out and see Rotary in 3 clubs, make new friends, and see family and friends along the way. I am renewed and inspired once again to my commitment of ROTARY, the Redmond Rousers and our "Service Above Self"....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

AFRICA STARTUP in Malawi....Come see what people are talking about

Our friends in Malawi Africa, invite you to see their country and experience the needs they have. Please help us fundraise to help kids and families in the "Warm Heart of Africa".....Malawi. Contact us at the Redmond Rousers for more information. Our newest Redmond Rouser is from Malawi, Wordsworth Rashid,  see him here, or at the last minutes of the video... Congrats to him for becomeing a ROTARIAN. We look forward to seeing our friend, Wordsworth, here or fine day....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SUPER BOWL...of Rotary clubs

The Super Bowl of Rotary Clubs in my mind is our very own...REDMOND ROUSERS ROTARY Club. Although...this week I visited the Rotary Club of Carlsbad, while I am on the road. They welcomed me and my friend Vickii and had MR. "Cheezehead" you can see....posing for photos. The Carslbad,California club was a fun dinner club just like ours....THANKS for making us feel welcomed.

As you watch the Super Bowl this Sunday and place bets for your winning teams,or eat with friends, or yell and scream at the TV. Just know in our little corner of the world, in Redmond, Washington, USA...we truly are the Superbowl of ROTARY clubs.....because, We Make a difference!!!! Thanks You for helping us locally & globally, to help others....and create WORLD PEACE.

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