Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Rotary Embraces KIDS - a Huge success in Redmond, Wa.

Tonight our Rotary Embraces kids, (REK) program went VERY you can imagine. Professional musical enjoyment from our own members Narayan & Janet delighted the kids. Piano, trumpet and singing at it's BEST. Harp playing, singing & story telling from Kathy & singing in Japaneese from Yoko, our Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from Japan...These were only SOME of the highlights. This year we focused on "holidays around the world" as our theme. Kathy told of the Jewish faith & brought show and tell for the kids. Yoko told of the Japaneese ways at Chrismas time too. Our 16 low income families were treated to a 1st class party and food was ordered from our favorite Albertsons store on Hwy 202. Store manager John Gillespie delivered the food to us.... at the Redmond Inn, who donated the space for us to use this year. Thanks to all who baked or brought cookies for all to enjoy. There was plenty to do and see as Santa & Mrs Claus, made an appearance. Gordon snapped photos of kids, while they were asking Santa for bright, new, shinny things. Dancing and singing to holiday songs was a hit this year....even some Rowdy Rousers got in the act....groovin' to the music.

We handed out LOTS of family gifts, some "mystery presents" gift wrapped and donated by Cera.....and had wonderful WARM COATS to give all  45+ kids who showed up. The book, "Santa's first magical ride", was handed out too. It contributes to our literacy campaign that we keep track of every year. I can't thank you enough for all the hard work and leadership that went into this community program spearheaded again by our miss Deana...the hostess with the mostess. The many ways our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club reaches out and touches people is quite amazing...and tonight you all are to be praised and thanked....over again, for all the hours of volunteering, planning, and helping.

Set up and cleanup were a breeze. All the candy canes and food that were dropped on the carpeting came out, after a quick vacuuming by Deana, before we left the room. You all helpped stack chairs, consolodate garbage, and made the room look snappy for the Redmond Inn staff to do the final cleaning....THANK YOU.

WELL DONE.....and congrats on our 17th year of REK = Rotary Embraces Kids. I'm so darn proud of what we do...and who we served tonight.  Another year of warm fuzzies to celebrate....together. Kids gave HUGS as they left full and happy, and visions of sugerplums will dance in their heads tonight.

My heart is full of gratitude....& I'm sure the families we served tonight are happy and thankful too.
Please come see us anytime for FUN & fellowship....Tuesdays at the OLD Redmond Schoolhouse, in Redmond, Wa. ...5:30pm - 7pm

President Kelly
Redmond Rousers Rotary President 2010-2012
look for some pictures on our FACEBOOK site soon.

Ps...Our local FOOD DRIVE we held a couple weeks ago, just before Thanksgiving for N.W. Harvest brought in 427 lbs of food. Thanks to our local Albertsons, again, for letting us do our good work in our community. We are all tied together in many ways... THANKS!

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