Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Follow your BLISS - Narayan & Janet

The Dynamic sounds of Narayan & Janet have made there CD a hot seller. Their next Concert at Soul food books is on JULY 13th, yes, friday the 13th...at 8pm. Part of the Derby Days festival.  We appreciate all the wonderful work they do and all their musical talents. As they create "Peace through Service" thay are sensational everywhere they go. Janet Is now our club's NEW Secretary and can be reached at youreloved@narayanjanet.com  

Both N & J are Redmond Rousers in our Rotary club in lil ole, Redmond, Wa. Our Food Booth at Derby Days is on Friday & Saturday...come see us. Saturday N&J will be at the Peace through Service booth.

Volunteering and being active in their community is what they love to do. Both Narayan & janet recieved the Rotarian of the quarter awards last year. Narayan for 2nd Q. Oct, Nov, Dec. 2011... And...Janet for 4th Q. April, May, June 2012.  THANKS!

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