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Monday, November 29, 2010


Putting money into our ROTARY account for kids, families and programs. If you need a new credit card, or just want to help Rotary out....here you go. Happy SHOPPING!, and Thank You from the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club.  see more about us at http://www.redmondrousers.com/


The Redmond Rousers Rotary club, in Redmond, Wa would like to offer our endless prayers and uplifting thoughts to our fallen heros and neighbors to the south. The 4 officers, Mark Renninger, Ronnie Owens, Tina Grizwold, Greg Richards, and the Lakewood Police Deptartment, will always be remembered with love and compassion. The FALLEN HEROS memorial is a wonderful outward sign of hope and love, so follow the blog set up to Honor them. Our sisters and brothers in SERVICE ABOVE SELF, will live on in our hearts and our prayers. The stone memorial is a lasting impression of the love and devotion these 4 people have made on our hearts.

The Fallen Officer Food Drive is something we all can support. This community service food drive was set up as something people could do to help all our communities grow and move forward. People all over the PNW are in need of food and nourishment. All the shelters are full, and the food banks are low. Please go out, support what you can this holiday season.... We ALL make a difference......with Service Above Self.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

What CHANGES you?

CHANGE..... what is the meaning of change, in today's world?.....well, Rotary is looking for YOU.... A chance for a New membership in the Redmond Rousers club, to be involved and make a difference in your community. Minimum cost is about 500.00 a year, in dues, meals,  education, travel, foundation giving, and projects. It is always adjustable, because there is no limit to what someone wants to give.  The more you give, the more you are rewarded. The more your heart grows, the more people you end up helping.

Come see what we do....pick a few things you like. Or let's create some NEW things to do....and we'll go out and make a BIG difference locally & globally in our world. Giving comes from the heart...a happy heart loves to give cheerfully and make a difference in people's lives.  Where do you GIVE?....Rotary makes it easy for you to plug in and start making a difference in the world around you.

"Givers ....CHANGE everything.....and everything CHANGES givers".... a quote by Kelly Kyle.  Yes, you can quote me on that, I'd be proud to say it came from me.....because I live it, and I believe it!

Launching new GOV, Redmond site SOON

The ....New Redmond Government page to LAUNCH soon....Dec 7th. 2010.  Check out the info and see if you are in the know...or if you are in the loop, to get better updates, RSS feeds, Calendar info, and everything you have been asking our local government to do. CHECK IT OUT..... 

The Redmond Rousers applauds the Redmond Government for listening to the people, and making it easier to reach the people we depend on for vital information. Redmond is home to some very big businesses, like microsoft, Nintendo, and small businesses like little boutique stores and businesses like,  Mubby books. It's great to see the city working towards a goal of being more user friendly. Click to see our Facebook page and get your info from us easier too. You can subscribe to our weekly updates, newsleter, and blog posts .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Group study Exchange team from LIMA Peru....2008

Here is the Group Study Exchange Team from Lima Peru...back in May of 2008. Pictured L-R: Rotarian Jim Price in the Bellevue Noon club, Olimpia, Cybil, Carlos, Team Leader & Rotarian Antonella, and Dolly. We were in Safeco Field, Seattle, watching the Mariners play Baseball.  Redmond Rousers Rotarian, Kelly Kyle, took the photo and accompanied them to the game. This picture was taken the first day they landed here in Seattle. It was the only day we could get them into a game all together.

The GSE team loved Seattle and we grew to love them during the 4 weeks they were here. The stayed with other Rotarian Families and went on professional days to explore their vocations and how people do things differently here vs. there. The team was able to go on some group dates together. They went to the Boeing Tour in Everett, Microsoft, Nintendo, Emerald Downs, Starbucks, Amazon, NW Harvest and much more.

They road on the Wa. St. Ferries, and went to Mt. Rainier, among many other great places together.  They made memories and took thousands of photos. Memories of great times and new friends. As a side note now, two and a half years later, I am still in constant contact with them. Cybil got married 6 months ago and is still teaching. Dr. Carlos just got married a few weeks ago and is now a Rotarian in his local town. The Dentist, Olimpia is now a Rotarian in her town, and Dolly is still teaching kids in elementary school...planning on becoming a Rotarian soon too. The 5030 District Rotarians are pleased to be a part of the lives of these great people half a world away. "Service Above Self" is always a worthy goal to be proud of.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are your Social Media disciplines...correct?

So how do you Facebook, Tweet, IM and become LINKED-IN? Is it personal, professional, or both? Well it all starts with being selective and doing it right. Blaine Millet, co-owner of WOM10 (word of Mouth on Steroids) is telling us what he thinks and his techniques for keeping personal and business account separate. Check out his Nov 16th Tuesday am chats with women.  This weekly podcast is a great way to help develop you Social Media strategy and keep you focused.

Thanks Blaine, for the great suggestions..now, let's see if I can do it! I'll be working on it, and I guess this is as good a time to start my journal of MY social media story, like you suggested. I started this journey in April 2010 not really knowing what I was doing. BOY, did I get an immersion into Social Media.

To see how Blaine and WOM10 can help your business flourish, like he did for our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club, call him at 425-260-6264  or email him at blaine@wom10.com  or find him on twitter, linked in, Facebook or on his blog. We hired Blaine to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses....and move us forward into the 21 century. It is the best thing our club has EVER done. We are focused now and have increased our membership by more than 300% to date....with more and more people deciding to seek us out and make a "membership" leap into community activism. We pride ourselves in getting involved and helping our Redmond community

We do make a difference....every week, every month. Are YOU living up to your potential?...Are you giving back to your community?....if not, let's talk. We have open positions available, waiting for the right person to fill it. For more info please call 425-765-5433... or see us on Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Rotary-Club-of-Redmond-Rousers/121576829496

Thursday, November 18, 2010

FIND A ROTARIAN....in business....locally or globally.

How do you find someone you trust to do business with?...

How do you find a ROTARIAN in business.. sign up here. Only Active Rotarians in good standing, are allowed to join. This is a NEW service and still open to all kinds of possibilities. So, if you are not a Rotarian, YET....come see the Redmond Rousers ROTARY club and join us today. Help YOUR business find a way to do business with other great Rotarians....people we all trust to do the right thing....like the 4 way test......is it the TRUTH! 

See how it works, I am signed up....look me up....  Redmond, Wa. "ARTIST"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Resumes that Resume Careers.....by Don Burrows

The info from Don Burrows is timely and multi generational. Don was a speaker a few weeks ago at our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club and brought a lot to light about looking for the "perfect" job. We all have skills and need to list them in our data banks. Don teaches us how to work hard to get RESULTS. We shot video of him and i am having trouble uploading it onto this site...I'll keep trying.

Please go to his site to see more about him, I think he may have his video uploaded there.  See what he can do for you and resuming your career. His books are a plus....check them out on amazon or on his site.

Friday, November 12, 2010

525 lbs of FOOD, oh MY!

This is only a small part of the 525 lbs of "STUFF" we collected on Friday Nov 5th and donated at Hopelink in Redmond on Monday Nov 8th. Thanks to club members Susan Fischer and Gordon Kyle for all their hard work at the Food drive at ALBERTSONS. The store is located on the Redmond-Fall City HWY at 236th out by Ames Lake. The community responded to our local food drive and really stepped up to the plate. A big, "THANK YOU".....for your donations. We are glad the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club president, kelly Kyle was able to co-ordinate this. WE make a difference in our community....thanks for supporting our goals.

In addition to the food some people gave a cash donation. That money will go towards buying 5 turkeys to feed the teens at the Redmond Teen Center at the old firehouse in Redmond on WEd Nov 24th. They host other kids in the 3rd annual TURKEY Bowl. The Rousers will be roasting 5 Turkeys and cooking 1/3 rd of the meal and helping serve for 100 people that night.Click on any of these links in this article, to see more informatin.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


WOW...look at why so many people believe in helping others...and the POWER OF ROTARY....click the link here and see why Rotary believes now is the time to END POLIO NOW. 

The Redmond Rousers are continuing the push to get this done...let's all contibute to a polio free world where we do not have to worry about this devistating desease.  Thank You....contact President Kelly to make a donation or if you would like us to speek to your club on this topic. info@redmondrousersrotary.org

Redmond Rousers Cookbook for sale ~ coming soon.

Our Redmond Rousers Cookbook is well on it way to being a local favorite and on the Redmond BEST seller list !! We have 6+ CELEBRITIES that have contributed to our cookbook, as well as many other Rotarians and friends. You will not want to miss all those recipies, plus some added in memory of loved ones. The cost of the book is worth it just for those special recipies alone!!! But seriously, the book will only be $20.00 and the money will go towards helping kids and families. We depend on the kindness of others in our community to help us fund scholarships, and local programs to help others. We will start PRE-SELLING the books NOW so we will know how many we will need to have printed....and will have them in our hands in FEB-MARCH...2011 just in time for those spring and summer gift giving occassions.

 All Books will have an advertizing section in the back. ANYONE who would like a little more exposure..is encouraged to advetize with us...it is REALLY affordable....& easy to do. Contact President Kelly, or member, Lucy Campos,  for more info...or email us at info@redmondrousersrotary.org   We have gift certificates available for you to give out for the holidays....letting your friends and family know when we will be getting the books in.

NOTE: This book in the PICTURE is the cookbook from the Rotary Club of Rancho Mirage in the Palm Springs area....Ours will look similar..but not exact...  THANKS!!!! in advance for your support.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sharra Curran Memorial Video for breast cancer awareness

How do you follow up a lifetime of love and sharing.... You make a video that comes from the heart. Producer, Director, Khayla Silvestre, only 18 years old at the time, made a commemorative video of her aunt Sharra, my stepsister.

Sharra lost her long 3 year battle with breast cancer this year on Jan 20th 2010. Her life and legacy continue to live on in this video and with her wonderful friends and family. Our Redmond Rousers Rotary club has made a financial contribution to the Susan G. Komen foundation in Sharra's name to help with finding a cure.

Sharra's life has touched us all. I hope you enjoy the video produced by Khayla as a tribute to Sharra. Thank you Sharra for being you.....and sharing your love of life with us all. You taught us to be more tolerant in a wild world of hurt and pain. In the video, I am reminded of my bucket list, and all I want to accomplish too. We miss you and will see you some day in heaven.

Thank You Khayla for making and sharing this video with the world. I'm sure Sharra would have loved it too. I know she loved everyone in life she ever met....a true testament towards world peace.
Much Love,

Monday, November 1, 2010

The FORBES interview to END POLIO NOW


Go see this FORBES video about the 200 Million Dollar Challenge. This is a fabulous interview with Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith....2010-2011. See what Rotary is up to and how many cases are active in the world. You can help by contacting our club to make a donation towards POLIO Eradication...NOW. Contact our club Treasurer...Paul Prochaska at http://www.redmondrousers.com/

This clock tower in San Fransisco is the latest building to be tagged with a END POLIO NOW logo. This is one of many buildings in the world to go "over the top" and put it's campaign on HIGH alert to all people who will see it and take action.

Please consider a donation to our local Rotary Club  or  through the Rotary Foundation to help eradicate polio NOW.

Rotary First Harvest....feeding the masses

At last week's meeting David Bobanick takes us on a journey of where Rotary First Harvest came from and it's roots in our PNW. A video by Scott Bell, owner of Media Design Seattle and new Redmond Rousers Rotarian, shows us how we as Rotarians can help the ROTARY process along and create a great service by helping educate others in our community.

Pictured here is past president of the ROUSERS, Paul Prochaska. Thank you PAUL, Thank You Scott, and Thank You David for going out of your way to helping others.....with SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

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