Friday, October 29, 2010

ROUSERS in the viral world.... BLOGGING

The Redmond Rousers Rotary Club is now going viral...thanks to the local REDMOND Neighborhood Bob Yoder. Our information on a literacy project and the Gates Foundation was listed in a recent story we posted on the Neighborhood blog. It was picked up by a local news blog(CLICK HERE), and now we are getting attention from all over. In a small bedroom community of Seattle, it just amazes me how small the world is getting with the internet and all the technology we do. Thank You Microsoft and Bill Gates for making our world  fun, exciting, smaller, so we all know one another and the causes we lift up.

Come on down to see us in Redmond at Fairwinds 9988- Avondale Rd. N.E. ...where the Rousers always meet on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm - 7pm....Dinner is only $10.00  We love to see new people and community members, business owners, anyone, anytime. See ya soon!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Casino night ~Funraiser was a hit. THANKS to these Rotaract Club helpers.

 The Rotaract Club of UWHS in Seattle... ( University of Washington Health Sciences) is lucky to have these talented and  faithful volunteers to be working for peace, tolerance and SERVICE ABOVE SELF. The Redmond Rousers thanks these 7 young adults for coming out to help our club in our community service fundraiser. Thanks for all you did. We appreciate you and your strong backs...and helping hands at our CASINO night on Sept 18th, 2010.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Redmond Rousers ROTARY: Club-Recognition & Induction

On October 19th, 2010 The Redmond Rousers Rotary club had new people joining, Students of the month from Eastlake H.S., Speaker: David Bobanik, new club awards, new energy and new talents emerging from within. Watch this video, organically made by new member, Scott Bell from his local Redmond studio and company, Media Design Seattle. Joan is a Podcaster & Musician. All the new people in the meeting this night came forward to take the oath to go to Rotary First Harvest as soon as possible for a food workday, in Kent at N.W. Harvest.  100 Rotarians come to Kent every 2nd Saturday of the month to re-package about 10,000 lbs of frozen produce...or re-package noodles, pasta, chocolates, or whatever the need is, that week, states Mr. David Bobanick, the executive director. All 9 club members present that evening recieved new t-shirts to wear to the next RFH....all others will get them when they show up to a meeting.

Kelly Kyle's ROTARY Classification Talk

My Redmond Rousers ROTARY Classification talk takes me through 27 years of artistry as an emerging Photographer. A Quilt artist and a Painter. I owe my success to my many parents.....all of them real or step...and the love of my blended family and many friends who have challenged me to become better than I thought I could be. Art, is Art!!! It is not complicated, but it's deep, kinda like my personality, so I am working through my bucket list.

Thanks to my stepdad Ken who married my mom when I was 11. He set me on my photography path in life at 21 years old. Thanks to my mom, Jody, who encouraged me to follow my passion years later as a quilter and fiber artist. And thanks to my husband Gordon who gave me the time and resources to follow my talents as a painter. All 3 of these people are special to me in many ways....and who have made a difference in my life. I am able to give back to the world with my talents and skills. I love who I have become.....a volunteer, a ROTARIAN, a friend and a mentor to others who passionately love to create ART.

Redmond Rousers Rotary REK Update

New ROTARY member, Deana Hale, from Edward Jones tells us about our annual Holiday kids program called REK= Rotary Embraces Kids. It is happening this year on Tuesday Dec 14th 2010 at Fairwinds Retirement Home on avondale in Redmond. The program will help 20 local families who are in need of assistance this holiday. We will be fundraising, asking businesses and individuals to sponsor a child. The money will go towards lifting them up & helping them out. We expect to give each child a warm coat in addition to a nice meal that night and tell them about holiday all over the world. You can send your tax deducable donations to the Redmond Rousers Rotary Foundation at 16541 - Redmond Way. N.E.  Redmond, Wa. 98052.  Please let us know if you need a reciept for your taxes and we will get you one.... THANK YOU!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ray Klinginsmith - bigger, bolder, better.....keep it going!

RAY the current president of Rotary Internatioanl 2010-2011 Ray's message of cowboy logic is one not to miss. Enjoy his insight to be bigger, bolder, better....than ever.

The publisher of the ROTARIAN MAGAZINE..has put together a great resource for all Rotarians to read online...Your literacy project of the week, go see it here:  Rotary International 2010-2011. My boss, inspirational leader and motivator. Just listen to his story and see why he motivates me to work harder, be better & bolder. Ray's "cowboy logic" will make you be a better Rotarian too....listen to his story, and see if you can picture world our lifetime. Let's try, let's do it. Become a Rotarian and work on it....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rousers Students of Month Oct 2010

The Redmond Rousers Rotary club has it's first 2 Students of the month for OCT 2010. They are Holly and Saleem from Eastlake H.S. in Sammamish. Both students were chosen for their great attitude this year and turning their life around and "getting it together". At the end of the year we will have 14 Students of the month and all will be eligable to write an essay on "Community Service" and "Service Above Self". All essays will be considered for a scholarship to the college of their choice, but ultimately only 2- $1000.00 awards will be given this year. Listen to their stories and leave us a comment so we can share it with them. ENJOY!

Friday, October 22, 2010

3rd GRADE - Dictionaries & Community Service in ACTION!

On OCTOBER 21st 2010 our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club gave away FREE Dictionaries for all the 3rd graders....  at a new school this time...Einstein Elementary in Redmond. The program targets 3rd graders and identifies a need at this age for more intense learning and literary skills. Houghton-Mifflin, the publishers, have determined that 3rd graders get the most good at this stage of their learning from the student dictionary & can appreciate what the book has to offer. Rotary Club President, Kelly Kyle says, "KIDS  love this book. It's really one of the BEST programs we do all year. You walk away feeling like you REALLY made a difference in their lives". I guess that's why our motto is "We make a difference".

All good things never go un-noticed with the Rowdy Rousers. The Books were co-sponsored by us and AVONDALE SMILES one of our new members Dr. Aditi Agarwal. She just opened her new Dentist office on the corner of 116th & Avondale Rd. N.E. a couple months ago in Aug 2010. We are so proud of her and all  her accomplishments. She donated a goodie bag to each child which had a FREE toothbrush, floss and toothpaste. Our club also gave the kids a comic book about the Adventures & Stories of POLIO... The kids will have a good time reading the history and learning the Polio story too. A 1st time Essay contest will be the home -work based on our Rotary 4 Way Test. After we leave the kids will have an opportunity to get awards and prizes for their essays. More details to follow from.....the Rowdy Rouser herself,...President Kelly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

What's on your BUCKET LIST ????

Happy Rotarians are Happy People. Happy People are Engaged in LIFE. Life is full of AWESOME things to do. So is ROTARY.....Like the Rotary Wheel, the evolution of Rotary and Rotarians never keeps turning and turning and turning......"Save a child, plant a tree, recycle, pick up trash, make a new friend, mentor a youth, teach a business person to be sustainable, grow your own food"...the lists are long....endless....but what are you waiting for? BECOME a ROTARIAN, join us, do it all, or at least make a DIFFERENCE.....the Redmond Rousers Rotary in Redmond, Wa. are checking off their bucket lists. Come join us...let's have some FUN! make your own list.  "We make a Difference".....

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