Monday, August 23, 2010

Explore Downtown Redmond

THINK time you go travelling in Redmond. Where will you go today.....come see the Redmond Rousers Rotary too, at Fairwinds - a Leisure Care Community,  at 9988 - Avondale Rd. N.E.  Redmond Wa. ....425-558-4700

Come see us, get a FREE DINNER.....and help us, help others in the communnity. Don't forget to check out our 2 fundaraisers coming up soon. SEPT 18th, Saturday, 6:30pm -9pm,  CASINO Night at Fairwinds.  And, PAWS for Polio at Carnation Golf Course on Monday SEPT 20th 4pm-7pm .

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Travel Club For ROTARIANS only!

Getting tired of the traveller BLUES...on the road, looking for a hotel?..Read on weary travellers. Here is another great BONUS for being a Rotarian. The International Travel & Hosting Fellowship better known as the ITHF, is looking for you to become a member.  Download this brochure, send it in, and start reaping the benifits of friendly, no cost, Rotarian home-stays.....Awe...this is the life. A 3 year membership in the ITHF is only 75.00  This photo was taken in South Africa, in the winelands, with our wonderful Rotarian home host Alan. Staying at his home was just like a bed and breakfast, with friends.  We toured the winelands and had a fabulous time all day with our guide, and host. We stayed 5 days with Alan, before moving on to another adventure, on Safari. This other photo is in NYC with home-hosts, Fred & Carolyn. Their home was as cute and charming as they were. We found out we all had a lot in common....and loved the theatre.

If someone comes to your town, asks to stay and you have time, you put them up at your place. Sounds to good to be true? Nope! It's one of the perks of becoming a Rotarian and being a friendly helper. Many times you make friends for life, or at least a long time, sometimes people pop in, sometimes they plan a trip and stay a few days. We have travelled all over and stayed at 5 different homes, yet no-one has come to stay with us, yet. Our spare room beds are always made and the coffee & tea always hot...Come on over, stay a while, if you are in the ITHF, we would love to get to know you Rotarians and your clubs and projects. Rotarians are great people, but, you MUST be an active Rotarian in a club to participate in this program. So, join a local Rotary Club now. Great clubs are looking for great members! I know the Redmond Rousers are looking for YOU! Come see us for a free dinner to check us out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rousers Fundraise for their CHARITIES on Sept 18th 2010

Fairwinds and Redmond, Rowdy Rousers are hosting a CASINO NIGHT at Fairwinds in Redmond on Sept 18th, 2010. Money raised that night will go to the rousers' many charities they support in the community and in the world. Play at the tables with friends, make some new friends. Buy-ins at the 1-night only,  "CASINO" start at only $10.00 and go up from there. $10.00 will get you $20.00 in chips....$50.00 will get you $100.00 in chips.

Come early for dinner. Dinner starts at 5pm in the RED-SKY and is separate, but meals are reasonably priced at 11.00-20.00 Please pay your servers, just like in a restaurant. Stay late at the games for hourly FUN and prizes. Bingo, Wheel of Chance, Roulette, Texas hold-em poker, and 21. Bring your friends, have a fun night out on the town.

Tables and casino play will open at 6:30 pm - 9pm and is open to anyone wanting to come play. Some Fairwinds Residents will be well as people from the community, businesses and Rotarians from the area. Music, dessert and drinks will be on hand for all players. HELP the Redmond Rousers to make $10,000 for the much needed work they do to help all peoples, regaurdless of race or income. "We love people", says Kelly Kyle, president of the group this year. Rotary gives a hand up to everyone....come join us, see what we are doing in the community to make Redmond and the surrounding communities, a better place to live, work or hang out. Even communities around the world will benifit from our fundraising efforts.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

PAWS for Polio = MUTT SHOW..Fundraiser.... MONDAY Sept 20th, 4pm - 7pm bring YOUR dog...

Bring your favorite doggies out for the PAWS FOR POLIO day at Carnation Golf Course. The day will begin at 4pm for early registration...and music by Narayan & Janet, local recording artists. As people join us after work, about 5:30pm  they will be treated to a fun evening of Doggie events with judging by local celebrities. Prizes, Awards and a People's Choice trophy for the winner,  at 7pm. Come by, Eat dinner at Kat's Grill, get free dog food samples at the different booths,  get Raffle tickets & donate some money towards a POLIO free world. Help Rotary and the world eradicate this terrible disease. Registration is only $10.00 per dog. You will have a chance to vote on your choice for "People's Choice" award.

Carnation Golf Course and the handful of fine sponsors, thank you for comming out to have a wonderful event in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. See sponsor list: Earth Pet in Issaquah, Best Buddy Dog Wash in Duvall, Sno-Valley Animal Hospital in Fall City, The Redmond Rousers Rotary Club in Redmond, Carnation Golf Course and Kat's Grill, Susan Fischer - hairstylist and makeup artist, and many more. For more info please call Kelly Kyle, 425-765-5433, President of Redmond Rousers Rotary for more info. Thank You!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rotary Minute: What Is Rotary?

Here is what we call a "Rotary Minute"....just click and listen to what people are saying about ROTARY, all over the world. 1.2 million people can't be wrong. Do you know someone who might be a good volunteer for the community? Someone who wants to give back...maybe it is you?.... The Redmond Rousers, or Rowdy Rousers as they affectionately call themselves,  invite you to see who we are, where we meet. We have babysitting, free dinner, and a speaker on Tuesday evenings.  Let us know if you are coming to see us.

Call us at 425-765-5433  or email us at  Thank You.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tyler gets a FREE trip to India

Congratulations to our nominee, Tyler Swanger who was picked to be on the Rotary Group Study Exchange Team, going to India in Dec 2010 for a month. The team will be going to the middle of the country in District 3030. The group will see how India does things in their country. He has specialized in Medical Science -Bio chemistry, and has a degree from the University of Washington. Tyler was in the Rotaract club on campus for a few years and is a natural leader. He makes friends easily. We are proud to be his sponsor and wish him well on his travel to India and his studies in general.

GSE is a Rotary International "Foundation program". Every year hundreds of GSE study teams criss-cross the globe to find new cultures, new ways of doing things, new opportunities to develop peace and understanding. All this is paid for by Rotary International. It is due to the generous donations of each and every Rotarian in their local clubs. Every year the Redmond Rousers asks their members to give a gift of $100 on their birthday to start their "giving campaign" to the Rotary Foundation. After a gift of $1000 which sometimes can take years, or only months, for some,...Rotary makes the member a Paul Harris Fellow. Paul Haris founded Rotary. This gift and pin are recognized as an achievement of giving towards a better world. A world of peace, understanding, more love, free of Poverty, free of Polio, un-clean water and crime. And so much more that makes life so complicated for so many around the world. Through Rotary and GSE ..."We make a difference" at the Redmond Rousers.  Help us, help others. Come Join us learn more.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Experience another Rotary Club - Do a make up !

One of the many experiences in Rotary, is to do a make-up at another club. Every time I travel, I try to go to a new club, someplace I have not been to. Or if I have missed a meeting of the Redmond Rousers, I go to one here locally. The Harbor Club in Bellevue, is a great place to do a make-up for Rotary.  2 clubs have banners that they hang up in their venue....and trading banners is a cool way to show your support of other clubs around the region or around the world. Try it, you'll like it.

Check out the Bellevue Rotary Noon Club with about 200 + members on Tuesdays at Noon. OR, The Bellevue Overlake Rotary Club, on Wednesdays at Noon. Both clubs meet at the Harbor Club, with it's georgeous view, and it's spectacular menus. I must say, I am partial to the Bellevue Overlake club, with only 30 members. It is a little more intimate, and you can meet all the members. It is also where my mom is a member too. Current President Cindy Lucas is busy leading her club to a wonderful year...  by Service Above Self .. .and   "Building Communities - Bridging Continents" our 2010-2011 motto. Check out both clubs. They have wonderful Rotarians in them, people I call friends!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't Worry - a Song Around the World for us all

This music from around the world is so mesmerizing, that I can't help but post it. We all have a voice and can change the world. I hope you do your part TODAY, to make the world a better place. Peace and love can be a powerful thing if you let it into your heart and mind. Please come see us at FAIRWINDS in Redmond. The Redmond Rousers Rotary is happy to have any visitors, from the Redmond area or around the world... Just drop in, sit and relax with us....have a FREE coffee on us.

Stand By Me - a world song of peace and understanding

We all need someone to stand by some point in our lives. Here's a fresh look at all kinds of people around the they sing "STAND BY ME".... in this awesome composition of this song. Way to go! The Redmond Rousers Rotary club, LOVES this song and what it stands for....WORLD PEACE.

Come by and say HELLO to us, the Rowdy Rousers, when you are looking for a friend to stand by YOU! We are located in Redmond, Washington. USA.

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