Thursday, July 29, 2010

Are YOU the missing piece of the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club?

How do we get past this endless suffering?...Become ROTARIANS & help be part of the solution. You are the missing piece to the puzzle. Anyone can help, contribute money to end polio....but will you?

All it takes is $10.00....from a lot of people to make it work. ONE person at a time. Share this & tell your friends to come here to our BLOG, and make a donation. Our Club here in Western Washington is committed to ending Polio. You can contact us, in person at  or go online to our website. Help End Polio....Help save a life, free of POLIO....for all the children of the world.
The Redmond Rousers Rotary Club Thanks YOU for helping. Together we have raised awareness to end this crippeling disease. By ending it, we can say it will never come back. If it should come back, we are all at risk of this deadly disease all over the planet, not just in far away places.

AFRICA STARTUP Business training program

This video is about AFRICA of the charities we will be supporting this year. The Redmond Rousers Rotary Club is proud to have Christina Davis, founder of this AWESOME program as our friend. We support the business training the Africa start up brings to the people of Malawi. We hope this training will help students & business people to help the economy in their make a better life.

Rotary International song

Sing along to this catchy tune.....ROTARY.......

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This Is Rotary - Rotary International

This is a great ROTARY video all about what being a rotarian is about. Follow us----follow the Redmond Rousers to a better future for others. Follow us to help others in our own communities and the WORLD.....Come be a part of ROTARY....The Rotary club of Redmond Rousers...invites you to join us and take a look at what SERVICE ABOVE SELF really means.

Look at our projects, Literacy, Rotocare,  Kids programs, our networking & community building meetings. We help students of the month & provide scholarships, feed hungry people, do Group Study Exchange programs, give warm coats, We: LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!
We meet Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm at Fairwinds in Redmond.
Bring a friend...or two....change a life.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What would you publish?

Todays publishing and writing for that matter, has taken twists and turns, from what our forfathers used to know. With the digital age upon us, it is easier than ever to get published, IF you know who to call. Our newest member of the Redmond ROUSERS Rotary Club is a publisher. How COOL is that! Click on the highlights in this story to findout more about Lucy, Seth, Mubby Books, Carl, Ben and Beeky Airlines.

Lucy Campos, is the owner of Mubby Books. Her son Seth, now 15 has already published 2 books, with another on the way. His love of cartoons and drawing has paid off well with, "Welcome to Beeky Airlines". Mubby Books is looking for more kids aged 5-18 who are interested in creating a book and putting it out there to the world. Lucy is the gal to talk to.....for your "designing" children and their wonderful ideas. Who knows what's floating around in that head of theirs...maybe a book or two. Maybe more....

Are you the picture of Health & Nutrition???

John W. Cartmell is now a new member of the REDMOND ROUSERS Rotary Club....We are thrilled to announce this great news to our community, and sing John's praises as a certified nutritionist and Licensed Massage Practitioner.

John's expertise is Health & Nutrition. He has published a book and makes the rounds as a highly sought after speaker.  He is highly educated on many subjects like Cancer, Diabetes, Leukemia.... and many more.

A session with John just might be the ticket to your optimum health you are looking for. He enjoys networking with professionals and learning new things, but best of all you will like John's great smile...and hearty laugh. Welcome to the Rousers, John. We're glad you are here with us Rowdy Rousers.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What makes REDMOND FLORAL green?

A number of current products helps to keep them in the techno/green age....The delivery driver uses a GPS to help keep the routes as short as possible, the office paper is printed on both sides before recycling. They compost!
Redmond Floral supports growers who are using sustanable practises to be enviromentally concious. Their phillosophy is to make a smaller carbon footprint to be better to the earth and all concerned.

The building is "cute and happy" on the outside, while great things are growing and happening on the inside. Local owner Linda Elliott posses for a picture with daughter Aleisha, just before she returns to colledge to finish up her degree. I asked them what makes Your business so different?...they had a lot to say. Stop by sometime to see Linda. She will tell you about "The Ecology of flowers".  Living with flowers strengthens feelings of compassion and decreases anxiety and worry. That's AWESOME news.....The Redmond Rousers would like to let the community know this info..... And it gets our applause for local business & the GREAT things they do for the environment. Thanks!

Athletic Supply is Top Dog!

Ever step into the Athletic Supply in Redmond? Everyone knows it is a fun place to shop!!!  But did you know it has changed ownership? Did you know they give a lot to charities in Redmond? Did you know you can now get trophies there too? Did you know it was voted best business , by the Redmond Chamber!  Bet you didn't know all that. So, you better check them out......soon.  Our local Redmond Rousers Rotary Club or better known as the ROWDY ROUSERS,  is happy to support their acheivements. We support kids and appreciate your dedication to the community, WAY to GO!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Organic Meat...what does that really mean?

Pictured here is Scott, the manager.

Bill the Butcher could tell you a lot about meat. He is a man on a mission to bring you and your family the highest quality natural and organic meat and local poultry. Bill, AKA....(William Von Schneidau) is an executive chef and master butcher who is bent on bringing the butchery back to the neighborhood.

His goal is to connect the farmer with your families table and reminds everyone what great meat is all about. I must admit, while I was there, Butcher Scott, Bill's manager, was making my mouth water as he prepped a nice cut of meat. I was hooked, watching him slice & dice. I had to try I bought a nice big shoulder, to make pulled pork sandwiches, for later. YUM YUM!!!!!

The Redmond Rousers applaudes Bill & his crew, who take cutting meat, sanitation, and food goodness, to a new level. Thanks for watching out for our health....we appreciate your dedication.

Undying Energy....volunteering

This is a good example of why Rotarians like to help people.  To give something of yourself, says a lot about who you are. What do you give back to society? We can help YOU decide where and what your talents are, so you can be a giver. There are so many people needing your help.....volunteer today.


Becoming a member of the REDMOND ROUSERS is easy. So easy in fact, since you have already been invited. All you have to do is fill out this form, & bring it into a meeting. Talk to any member, or the one who invited you.

We will give you more information and help to get you up to speed on what our club is doing in community service and all volunteer projects. Going back to this BLOG is always a good idea so you can get familiar with all kinds of info about Rotary.

Click here to send a POST CARD to a prospective member.
If you need help, please call President Kelly at 425-765-5433.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you connected to the RIGHT business people?

How many businesses do you connect with...or know who are CONNECTED to the right people? As a Rotary member, you get to know people who are like minded and who are engaged in high ethical business practices. Rotarians all over the world are possibly the most honest and caring people I know. They reach out and help people. It is part of the culture of the volunteer spirit....SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

Today I took a stroll into two GREAT Redmond Businesses.

I wandered over to BEN FRANKLIN Arts, Crafts and Frame Shop. I met one of the owners, David. We talked about all things crafty....and fun. I told him the Frame Shop has been framing our Rotary awards with archival mats for many years. But, he knew that. A BIG thank you to Rebecca and the friendly staff there in the bead shop too. The motto here is "Inspiration for Imagination".... I could spend all day at BEN FRANKLIN.... making lots of great things.

Next I strolled over to SOUL FOOD BOOKS....which just happens to be way more than just a book store. It just might be the coolest coffee place to hang out on the eastside. Local books, readers, poets, and artist come from far and wide to get their soul and spirituality from within. There will be a special book signing on AUG 12th at 6:30pm - 8:30pm with SWAMI RADHANATH. His book "The Journey Home" is mystic yogis, Gurus and an epic quest through spiritual India. Come see him and the wonderful place people in Redmond and the eastside, like to relax and sip organic, shade grown coffee and delicious teas. Vegan meals are also available at the counter.

Find out why we Rotarians, do what we do?

The Guiding principals of Rotary are explained in a simple webpage. Click the link to take you there. While there look around...get familiar with ROTARY...

These principals are what make up the CORE of Rotary and what the individual clus, like us, strive to accomplish. The 4 way test, the Objects of Rotary and the 5 avenues of Service. The Redmond Rousers always strive to keep these principlas in mind, but do like to keep things fresh and new as we move into the next decade. When you come to see us, you will find a FUN wheel of mis-fortune for you to spin, and a host of ways to give back, contribute your time and money for others less fortunate. Service above self is always on our minds.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marvin Hamlisch and Rotary District 5030 - a perfect pair

How often do you get to sit at a small private concert with Marvin Hamlisch, only 50 feet away, while he tickles the ivory keys. Please...someone PINCH me...I must be dreaming. NOPE! It was the real deal. He played music and told us how he came to write the song, "The way we were", for Barbara Streisand. His 30 minute concert was amazing! Even now as I write this I am getting goose bumps on my arms....Ooohhhh!!!! This was a concert that will last in my heart and's why:

As a life long music lover, I had never really thought of why and how music came into my life at a young age. I just knew I loved it. I loved it so much I decided to try out and sing in our Vocal Jazz Ensemble in H.S for 3 years. I had spent another 3 years earlier singing in Jr. H.S too. I loved be-bopping to wonderful jazz and of course DISCO music from the 70's. Our Vocal Jazz group, toured around the state, cut a jazz album, won awards and had fun while dedicating our hearts to making some pretty awesome music.

During this time I did not realize our school district's failing budget could cut this wonderful music program. We as students, were oblivious to all the internal struggles and conflicts going on in the board room. This is unfortunately a broken record that had plagued public schools for years and years putting kids at risk to drop out, turn to drugs and violence, among other things. Wow, that's a lot of weight put on the shoulders of a nation. But it is true. The facts are there to support it. We all know the arts are cut for other programs and so on and so on.... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH......

So, where is the relief? where is the balance for today's youth?....It is in ROTARY. Rotary has been reaching out to schools all over the world in programs like the one started here in our district. Programs like , MUSIC FOR LIFE. Programs that give kids the opportunities to experience the arts, not take them away. Marvin Hamlisch's speech to us that night was our kids....let Rotary help pick up the pieces and let the arts flourish. Politicians do not and will not make the arts come back to life. They have other agendas. ROTARY's agenda is kids, plain and simple.

As Marvin left the stage I had tears of joy rolling down my face. I was overcome with pride that I was part of the solution, he described. I had the power to truly do something great. I was already a Rotarian, now I must get to work!  Mr Hamlisch's speech to Rotarian's in Portland on May 15th, 2010  is here for you...please understand, it was much more than a "speech". It was a performance beyond just words.


With ROTARY you can be part of the change...or you can be part of the problem.  Choose CHANGE! You will love the feeling it changes you!

Contact the Redmond Rousers to make a donation or to become part of a growing movement of volunteers to make this world a better place...and this local Redmond community a better place too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

District Governor JOHN MATTHEWS, delivered ROTARY's vision

The Redmond Rousers Rotary enjoyed a delightful  meal with District Governor John and his wife Mary Ellen tonight. We also had Joanne our AG join us and my hubby addition to our members Paul, Nick and myself, President Kelly. We had 3 new guests join us...Jay, Blaine and Lucy. Each one a friend of the Rousers and potential new member. Next week we move forward and induct our newest members. Please come to help welcome them into our club. We are growing! Who do you know?..tell them about ROTARY! Invite them.....

John told us of today's vision of  Rotary. The Presidential emphasis and global concern is igniting like wildfire among people who call themselves "DO-ers". The do-ers in this world do not just sit back idol and remain untouched by human need. They leap to action to help. They are compassionate. They are WE......

I am a DO-er. I leap, I engage, I plant seeds, I want this world to be a better place for everyone. Not just the few, but for the few millions who do not know there is more than poverty and anguish. I want more....more happiness...more hugs and soccer games from children who did not contract polio......more food to feed the starving people around the world, and here in Redmond, WA. in our own back yard.

Come join us in this grass roots cause, our adventure into SERVICE ABOVE SELF. I challenge YOU to make the world a better place...come join THIS ROTARY CLUB...."We make a difference". Change a life....maybe your own?  Contact me now...pick up the phone and call 425-880-4452. The Redmond Rousers wants YOU. Membership in the Rousers is only $120.00 a year for Dues. It might just be the best thing you spend money on this year. I'll be here waiting to talk to you.  Many Thanks ~ President Kelly.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jamie Moyer is a friend of the ROUSERS

Seattle LOVES Jamie Moyer. Welcome home for your golf tournament, to raise more money.....for kids. Tumble Creek is a beautiful place to play golf.

Here at the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club, we love Jamie too. Jamie and the Mariner guys signed many autographed items for a very successful fundraiser we had....about 8 years ago. We appreciated his support, and all the other Mariners too. The money we raised was used to put Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) in Schools and Marymoor Park. They have already saved lives.... WAY TO GO!

How could you NOT love him and what he and his wife Karen stand for. They love kids & through the Moyer lots of them. Here's to you Jamie and Karen....for keeping it real...and always doing the right thing! Come visit us sometime....and have a FREE dinner on us.

Social Media - What do you Know?.....

Social media...   what is it?

sfjdsghikjvklfvjnes..... is this readable to you? probalby not. This is how some people view social media....all jumbled, messed up...not recognizalbe....totally foreign to them.

Hi there this readable to you??? DEFINATELY!!! This is how Social Media comes out to those who know it, love it, and are embracing it. Social media is the new story teller....and Thanks to WOM10, the new way WE express ourselves. I must admit a few years ago, I was a social media flunkee...but as I learned what it was and how people were using it, I began to make a change in my thinking and have now grown to LOVE it.

Having this Blog has made a BIG difference in how the WORLD sees our Rotary club. Just look at the numbers....there are roughly 33,000 clubs in the world! choose from. We now have a voice in the world, where people come chat, post info and talk about our club. We have our own voice...we no longer have to rely on the traditional papers to post a story for us, we can do it ourselves and the community and world will come see it.

The Redmond Rousers Rotary Club has been around for 20 years now...and facing new challenges like any other Rotary club. We have chosen to find our voice this BLOG. We write about other Redmond Businesses and pay it forward into the community we live in. Come visit us....we have FREE dinners for any new potential members. We network often with others in the club to help people find work in these hard times. We have socials and fun times together. We help people in need and find volunteer projects to do each month. Come join us.....We make a difference!!!!

Babysitting - NEW & coming to the Redmond Rousers meetings

The last few months I have run into many MOM's & DAD's who can't leave the kids to come to a Rotary meeting...unless they had a sitter. So, it seems logical enough to at least try it....and see if it works for us. Already the FREEMONT Rotary club is doing this too. They also meet on Tuesday nights at the same time.... we do. Volunteers are important & we appreciate all who come to help with the monthly projects we do.

My thoughts on the sitter is that we will have another room where the kids go to, with sitters and busy bags to keep the kids entertained. We can have popcorn, movies, craft time, storytime, tutors for schoolwork, all kinds of fun...etc....
All we have to do is start, build a program and "they/you" will come.  So, let's do it...let's get busy having fun adult time in our meetings & the kids will be having fun in theirs too.....and we will make a better community together. 

Sometimes we could even have a work day making sandwiches for the needy.....all we need to do it figure it all let's start. SEE YOU AT THE NEXT Redmond Rousers Rotary club MEETING. 

Every 5:30pm see you there. Dues are only 60.00 every 6 months. (120.00 a year.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything

As madam President this year of the Redmond ROWDY Rousers......I would like to ask YOU what you want....what projects are on your mind, that you would like to see done in this community. Send me a message or just write a post here to let me know....your thoughts. As the "queen of anything"...I am making my way through a long list of what we'll do this year.........THANKS for checking out this blog...and taking the time to comment.  ROTARY ROCKS!!!!!!  so do you!

Who's more powerful: Obama or Klinginsmith? say, Who is Ray Klinginsmith?....and Why should I CARE???!!! We all know who OBAMA is....Sure we care about him...but who is this RAY...guy?  Most people know of the United Nations.....Did you know, ROTARY was instrumental in FORMING the United Nations?..... tell me more you say.....

Well, Ray Klingingsmith is this year's ROTARY International, President. Both men are, Top banana, King of the road, the "go-to" guys, etc...etc...etc...BUT, Ray logs on more miles, and will see more people than Obama, Bush or Regan ever did.  Mr. Klinginsmith is now at the helm, promoting TRUTH, UNDERSTANDING and PROSPERITY...everywhere he goes. He and his 1.2 million followers, ROTARIAN'S (we call ourselves) are credited with helping to end POVERTY, ending POLIO & creating WORLD PEACE...... not bad for a days work.....or a lifetime of helping people..... So YOU decide.

President Ray looks only 50, but is 60+ years old....He has seen many years of Community Service in his local club and on committees and boards. Rotary is now 106 years old, going strong and it's the largest SERVICE club in the world. Even local Billionaire, Bill & Melinda Gates with the Gates Foundation, trusted Rotary's current President Ray with 200 Million dollars to end POLIO. The Polio campaign is still in it's final stages. We are gaining awareness to END POLIO NOW. You can even make a Pledge to help. Contact us here at the Redmond Rousers to make a donation, or go online.

On March 8th, as I was in my President Elect Training Seminar, I was pleasantly surprised to know that HE was HERE...among us. I quickly found my weekend "bunkie" President Elect Cindy Lucas, from the Bellevue Overlake Rotary Club, and we made our way through the crowded room of 600 people, to find & meet Ray Klinginsmith. Not only did we meet him, we actually got to talk to him & take a photo.

I'm telling you...I was totally star struck!!!! It was like seeing Tom Cruse or something! LOL!.... I kept telling Cindy, "do you know how special this is?".....We both giggled like school girls at our brush with FAME. Seeing and hearing President Ray speak about his plans and what Rotary is, was great. Our help as NEW club presidents...gave us both a sense of worldly pride. I felt like I could go out and conquer big things. Using his "Cowboy Logic", he had a humble approach to a bigger better ROTARY. He believes in the goodness of humankind. A Cowboy at heart, Ray Klinginsmith knows, what makes people happy; A sense of community and a place to call home.

For this years 2010-2011 theme and motto, he picked;
Building Communities, Bridging Continents

I just wanted to say, "Thank You ROTARY International, for sending us a Presidential ANGEL. One who believes in miracles, one who believes in what Rotary stands for, one who knows that all Rotarians around the world want to see......WORLD PEACE.  I will do my best and make our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club shine...and to make our members PROUD ROTARIAN'S this year.

From your loyal fans and local Rotarians who care, here in Redmond, Washington.
Redmond Rousers President, Kelly Kyle.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Remembering RUSS - "One hell of a guy! "

At this year's Redmond Rousers Annual Dinner & Installation banquet, Russ Newman was certainly on all our minds. Russ was a ROWDY ROUSER...with a capital R. His wonderfully long life of 83+ years, ended this year on Feb 7th 2010 due to complications after heart surgery. His wonderful wit, humor & great compassion were topics many of us talked about on Tuesday night, June 29th.

Russ was the Club president in 2004-2005 when the Motto was "Lend a Hand"....and he certainly did. He helped launch new club projects & made every meeting a fun experience for us all. We hope his family is excited as we turn a new leaf by making & naming a communty GARDEN in his name & honor. His legacy of Community Service, will live on forever at the soon to garden at Juel Park, in Redmond. More info to come this year....stay tuned.

Friday, July 2, 2010

NEW TIMES AHEAD, this Rotary Year 2010-2011

Hi there, President Kelly here to welcome you all to our new Rotary year. We started July 1 2010- and will end on June 30 2011.  I have some exciting times planned ahead of us, with new projects & new people coming on board. Already this new BLOG is attracting new people coming to see us. So, learn all about ROTARY and what 1.2 million of us Rotarians do.

Thanks To FAIRWINDS....Dinners this month are, come check us out. We have unleashed our SOCIAL MEDIA campaign.....& we love our new look....follow us with weekly updates on your email sign up here.

For some of you that do not know about Redmond Rousers Rotary & our Mission.....we are a small group of dedicated, local people who go out & do nice things for people in the Redmond area....& the world. In a nut shell, it's pretty simple..... We raise money & do community service, because we love to help other people. 

Here are some of our projects:  FREE dictionaries to 3rd graders, Helping to "wipe-out" POLIO from the world, community GARDEN for Hopelink's Redmond residents, Scholarships at Eastlake HS, Group Study Exchange, Rotary first Harvest (NW Harvest), Rotacare, Micro-Credit lending program w/ Africa Start-Up in Malawi, Africa, and many, many, more...... COME JOIN US..... Click here to see our other site for more info.

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