Sunday, December 12, 2010

Salvation Army - TOY DRIVE at Fairwinds in Redmond, Wa. FINAL- Pick up will be on Thursday DEC 16th.

Have you ever wanted a toy....but couldn't afford it?... Well this year there are a lot of kids who need ALL of us to pitch in, and help out. On Monday, DEC 13th, from 10am - 6pm.... Our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club held a TOY DRIVE for the Salvation Army, to help get more toys for needy kids. We collected about 50 during the pouring rain on monday. Rousers Susan, Gordon, Narayan, Janet & Kelly participated. Janet & Kelly got the wettest as they held the TOY DRIVE sign for all the thousdands of motorists passing by. The Big, Beautiful sign came from Redmond Signs & we thank John for his quick work to get us up & ready for this holiday task. It truly takes a VILLAGE to make all this happen.

Talk to Kalvin Bizek, with the Salvation Army, as he is "the guy".... in charge of our Barrel. You can reach him at 425-351-2235 x204.  Our one Day TOY DRIVE blitz.....was at Fairwinds Retirement Center 9988 - Avondale Rd. N.E. in Redmond, Wa.  This is also where our Rotary club meets for Dinner. The one day Toy Drive blitz....was our first ever for the Rousers and we had a great time collecting the 50 toys, even if it was raining.... The barrel will be picked up, by the Salvation Army on Thursday DEC 16th. So you will have a few more days to make a TOY donation or drop off something, if you missed us on MONDAY....the 13th.

Our Redmond community is great on helping kids, and we are lucky to be in a position to help out. We have a big barrel for the Toys...and will be taking your donations all day. Stop by for a FREE cup of hot warm up....and say HELLO.

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