Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are your Social Media disciplines...correct?

So how do you Facebook, Tweet, IM and become LINKED-IN? Is it personal, professional, or both? Well it all starts with being selective and doing it right. Blaine Millet, co-owner of WOM10 (word of Mouth on Steroids) is telling us what he thinks and his techniques for keeping personal and business account separate. Check out his Nov 16th Tuesday am chats with women.  This weekly podcast is a great way to help develop you Social Media strategy and keep you focused.

Thanks Blaine, for the great, let's see if I can do it! I'll be working on it, and I guess this is as good a time to start my journal of MY social media story, like you suggested. I started this journey in April 2010 not really knowing what I was doing. BOY, did I get an immersion into Social Media.

To see how Blaine and WOM10 can help your business flourish, like he did for our Redmond Rousers Rotary Club, call him at 425-260-6264  or email him at  or find him on twitter, linked in, Facebook or on his blog. We hired Blaine to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses....and move us forward into the 21 century. It is the best thing our club has EVER done. We are focused now and have increased our membership by more than 300% to date....with more and more people deciding to seek us out and make a "membership" leap into community activism. We pride ourselves in getting involved and helping our Redmond community

We do make a difference....every week, every month. Are YOU living up to your potential?...Are you giving back to your community?....if not, let's talk. We have open positions available, waiting for the right person to fill it. For more info please call 425-765-5433... or see us on Facebook.!/pages/Rotary-Club-of-Redmond-Rousers/121576829496

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  1. Kelly,

    THANK YOU so much for the kind words and recommendation - much appreciated. It was a great pleasure to work with someone like you and the Redmond Rousers as you are a "natural" for blogging, telling all your great stories, and using social media the way it is supposed to be used - letting others know about all the great things and people associated with helping the Redmond Community and the World. Keep it up, you always have something interesting to talk about...


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