Thursday, February 10, 2011

AFRICA STARTUP in Malawi....Come see what people are talking about

Our friends in Malawi Africa, invite you to see their country and experience the needs they have. Please help us fundraise to help kids and families in the "Warm Heart of Africa".....Malawi. Contact us at the Redmond Rousers for more information. Our newest Redmond Rouser is from Malawi, Wordsworth Rashid,  see him here, or at the last minutes of the video... Congrats to him for becomeing a ROTARIAN. We look forward to seeing our friend, Wordsworth, here or fine day....


  1. There are 4 men at the very end of the video...who just climbed a mountain. Our newest ROTARIAN, Wordsworth Rashid, is the 2nd from the right. You see him very briefly as Christina, who is shooting this video, pans from Right to left....She asks how many years it has taken the elder to climb a mountain.

  2. The Africa Start Up Mission is to provide educational opportunities for businesses through African and US College student volunteers. The volunteers create opportunities for their community members to learn business and contribute to poverty reduction in Africa. The students create and deliver practical business education programs, free of charge, to targeted business owners in Africa. I talked to one beneficiary of Africa Start Up business education program, and he said "......I didn't realise that business budget is quite different from personal budget" He added ".....this training would help me to utilize the profits to sustain my small business and be able to pay a fixed salary for business will grow and my family life will change" Whata wonderful Project!


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