Friday, October 1, 2010

What's on your BUCKET LIST ????

Happy Rotarians are Happy People. Happy People are Engaged in LIFE. Life is full of AWESOME things to do. So is ROTARY.....Like the Rotary Wheel, the evolution of Rotary and Rotarians never keeps turning and turning and turning......"Save a child, plant a tree, recycle, pick up trash, make a new friend, mentor a youth, teach a business person to be sustainable, grow your own food"...the lists are long....endless....but what are you waiting for? BECOME a ROTARIAN, join us, do it all, or at least make a DIFFERENCE.....the Redmond Rousers Rotary in Redmond, Wa. are checking off their bucket lists. Come join us...let's have some FUN! make your own list.  "We make a Difference".....


  1. Kelly,

    Yes, the Bucket List, made famous by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson - loved the show. The problem with my bucket list is I haven't found the time to get it started and it is long - UGH. Thanks for the reminder and YES, Rotary, especially Redmond Rousers, is a great addition to any bucket list. Keep it up...


  2. I LOVE this post! You summed up Rotary superbly as well as life goals.... outstanding!

  3. Is life moving so fast, or is it that we are toooo busy, to get to that famous "Bucket List"..of the things we really should be doing to enrich our lives and reward our souls. Sometimes I wonder what IS the right thing to do. The list of wanna do's...or the list of have to do' tugs at me constantly too. BUT, becoming a Rotarian forces you to balance that struggle & plug into the projects already out on the table ready to do, waiting for somebody to help us build a better community & bridge many continents.


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