Saturday, August 21, 2010

Travel Club For ROTARIANS only!

Getting tired of the traveller BLUES...on the road, looking for a hotel?..Read on weary travellers. Here is another great BONUS for being a Rotarian. The International Travel & Hosting Fellowship better known as the ITHF, is looking for you to become a member.  Download this brochure, send it in, and start reaping the benifits of friendly, no cost, Rotarian home-stays.....Awe...this is the life. A 3 year membership in the ITHF is only 75.00  This photo was taken in South Africa, in the winelands, with our wonderful Rotarian home host Alan. Staying at his home was just like a bed and breakfast, with friends.  We toured the winelands and had a fabulous time all day with our guide, and host. We stayed 5 days with Alan, before moving on to another adventure, on Safari. This other photo is in NYC with home-hosts, Fred & Carolyn. Their home was as cute and charming as they were. We found out we all had a lot in common....and loved the theatre.

If someone comes to your town, asks to stay and you have time, you put them up at your place. Sounds to good to be true? Nope! It's one of the perks of becoming a Rotarian and being a friendly helper. Many times you make friends for life, or at least a long time, sometimes people pop in, sometimes they plan a trip and stay a few days. We have travelled all over and stayed at 5 different homes, yet no-one has come to stay with us, yet. Our spare room beds are always made and the coffee & tea always hot...Come on over, stay a while, if you are in the ITHF, we would love to get to know you Rotarians and your clubs and projects. Rotarians are great people, but, you MUST be an active Rotarian in a club to participate in this program. So, join a local Rotary Club now. Great clubs are looking for great members! I know the Redmond Rousers are looking for YOU! Come see us for a free dinner to check us out.


  1. Great post Kelly! I am heading down to Florida in October, and all I can think about it meeting up with club while there. If I didn't have a place to stay already, this would be a wonderful opportunity to make new friends and see new places!

  2. Go to for more info. It's only $75.00 (less than one night in a hotel)to join...for 3 years....totally worth the price!!!


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