Monday, July 19, 2010

What makes REDMOND FLORAL green?

A number of current products helps to keep them in the techno/green age....The delivery driver uses a GPS to help keep the routes as short as possible, the office paper is printed on both sides before recycling. They compost!
Redmond Floral supports growers who are using sustanable practises to be enviromentally concious. Their phillosophy is to make a smaller carbon footprint to be better to the earth and all concerned.

The building is "cute and happy" on the outside, while great things are growing and happening on the inside. Local owner Linda Elliott posses for a picture with daughter Aleisha, just before she returns to colledge to finish up her degree. I asked them what makes Your business so different?...they had a lot to say. Stop by sometime to see Linda. She will tell you about "The Ecology of flowers".  Living with flowers strengthens feelings of compassion and decreases anxiety and worry. That's AWESOME news.....The Redmond Rousers would like to let the community know this info..... And it gets our applause for local business & the GREAT things they do for the environment. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Redmond Floral - the epitomize what Redmond is about - personable, boutique, neighborhood businesses that care about their customers. Great business!!



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