Friday, July 2, 2010

NEW TIMES AHEAD, this Rotary Year 2010-2011

Hi there, President Kelly here to welcome you all to our new Rotary year. We started July 1 2010- and will end on June 30 2011.  I have some exciting times planned ahead of us, with new projects & new people coming on board. Already this new BLOG is attracting new people coming to see us. So, learn all about ROTARY and what 1.2 million of us Rotarians do.

Thanks To FAIRWINDS....Dinners this month are, come check us out. We have unleashed our SOCIAL MEDIA campaign.....& we love our new look....follow us with weekly updates on your email sign up here.

For some of you that do not know about Redmond Rousers Rotary & our Mission.....we are a small group of dedicated, local people who go out & do nice things for people in the Redmond area....& the world. In a nut shell, it's pretty simple..... We raise money & do community service, because we love to help other people. 

Here are some of our projects:  FREE dictionaries to 3rd graders, Helping to "wipe-out" POLIO from the world, community GARDEN for Hopelink's Redmond residents, Scholarships at Eastlake HS, Group Study Exchange, Rotary first Harvest (NW Harvest), Rotacare, Micro-Credit lending program w/ Africa Start-Up in Malawi, Africa, and many, many, more...... COME JOIN US..... Click here to see our other site for more info.


  1. Having helped you get your social media efforts underway and creating the blog, how could I not comment on the upcoming year.

    You are really "taking the bull by the horns" with the Redmond Rousers group and Redmond is going to be much better for your efforts. Now you have a great way, through your blog, to share these exciting times over the next year with your members and others in the community.

    My hats off to you for embarking on this and taking the Redmond Rousers to a new level in Rotary - nicely done and congrats on being elected the new President!!

  2. Thank Blaine, for your great leadership & help from WOM10. It is always a pleaseure to help others & my motivations lie in helping others = SERVICE ABOVE SELF! Rotary is a vehicle to do just that...serve our community. Just like a church is a vehile to serve your spiritual needs, Rotary is a community servive way of giving let's all go out & help someone it forward!!!


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