Monday, July 12, 2010

Babysitting - NEW & coming to the Redmond Rousers meetings

The last few months I have run into many MOM's & DAD's who can't leave the kids to come to a Rotary meeting...unless they had a sitter. So, it seems logical enough to at least try it....and see if it works for us. Already the FREEMONT Rotary club is doing this too. They also meet on Tuesday nights at the same time.... we do. Volunteers are important & we appreciate all who come to help with the monthly projects we do.

My thoughts on the sitter is that we will have another room where the kids go to, with sitters and busy bags to keep the kids entertained. We can have popcorn, movies, craft time, storytime, tutors for schoolwork, all kinds of fun...etc....
All we have to do is start, build a program and "they/you" will come.  So, let's do it...let's get busy having fun adult time in our meetings & the kids will be having fun in theirs too.....and we will make a better community together. 

Sometimes we could even have a work day making sandwiches for the needy.....all we need to do it figure it all let's start. SEE YOU AT THE NEXT Redmond Rousers Rotary club MEETING. 

Every 5:30pm see you there. Dues are only 60.00 every 6 months. (120.00 a year.)


  1. How COOL is that! I have spoken at about 30 Rotaries in the Puget Sound region and never heard of that - very innovative and very "member friendly".

  2. Yes, our new outlook is simple.....we want to help as many people as possible...& that mean YOU...ALL of you out there in Redmond. If you want to be a ROUSER...& you can't because a babysitter stands in your way, well it is no more...We have a sitter.....& you can now come to our meetings knowing your child is well cared for...& will leave happy. SO, what are YOU waiting for...come on down to see us, bring your happy bucks, & a happy spirit....& join in the FUN!

  3. It is probably important to say, that if you are bringing a little one, we would like for you to call so we know how many to expect for the night. THANKS!

    Call President Kelly 425-765-5433


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