Friday, June 25, 2010

Watson Security is delivering peace of mind

The NEW guy in town is watching out for us....and doing it with a smile. Local nice guy, Rob Watson of Watson Security launched his new business with some great people by his side. They showed the latest in security and lock products for community residents and businesses. New digital products were on display.

Redmond Mayor, John Marchione was there for the ribbon cutting and welcomed me & others who were there for the official visit. Mayor Marchione remembered me from our coffee meeting a month ago and we chatted briefly about how many people were here at the ribbon cutting. The Redmond Rousers Rotary welcome you into town Rob, and your friendly Watson Security Posse`. With the help of Blaine Millet, of WOM10, social media business expert, Watson Security is reaching into the Redmond community with style.

This was also sponsored by the Redmond Chamber of Commerce and their Business After Hours event was held at the new Lockworks business in downtown Redmond.  There was a great turnout of business owners and professionals in the Redmond area - the Chamber does an awesome job of getting the community connected and interacting.


  1. What a GREAT event - thanks Kelly for sharing the details of this fun event. Thank you also to Mayor Marchione and the Redmond Chamber of Commerce. It is great to see such tremendous support for local businesses in Redmond and to have them recognized by the leadership in the area.

    These businesses, like Watson Security (Lockworks) are what makes Redmond such a wonderful community - and I can say that since I have lived here for 20 years. Welcome Rob Watson and Watson Security - a great addition to the community.

  2. ha....there I am in my blue ROTARY outfit.....
    CONGRATS to Watson guys are AWESOME!!! I feel safer already knowing you are here in Redmond.


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