Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rotary Firsy Harvest - Workday June 12th 2010

A day forever remembered by Martina from Snohomish, Wa. This was the first time volunteering with the Redmond Rousers, at the NW Harvest site where Rotarians and friends come to volunteer one day a month. More than 8000 lbs of frozen carrots were re-packaged into small 1-2 lb bags to be given out at the local food banks. "This is so cool to get to help behind the scenes", said Martina. "It really makes you think about people who need food & how it gets to them. I'm glad I was able to help out today. I want to comeback again & bring some friends next time".


  1. I just wanted to give my congratulations and recognition to Rotary First Harvest. I speak to numerous Rotaries on Social Media for Business and many have donated hundreds of pounds of food in my name - THANK YOU.

    This is such a great program for our community and Rotary is a wonderful service organization to support such a worth cause.

    CONGRATS to both Rotary International and specifically the Redmond Rousers club as well as Rotary First Harvest - my hat goes off to you for all the wonderful work you do for so many.


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