Friday, June 18, 2010

A GARDEN of Food at Hopelink in Redmond

HUNGER is no laughing matter..... see our work as it progresses. We have planted lots of great foods; Lettuce, Bok choy, Beets, Peas, Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Peppers, Carrots, Watermellon, Green beans, and Onions. The Herbs; Oregano, Basil, Mint, Rosemary, & Chamomile. 

Hopelink in Redmond has generously offered their 20x23square foot garden for us to TWEEK! So, tweek we did. Sprouted seeds are coming up and we transfered them into the spaces available in the raised beds. Wednesday the 16th, I spent 2 hours digging up 15 small plants and raking rocks, so many rocks.
Already my back is sore....but, I wondered why people were looking at me kinda weird. I pressed on.
Thursday June 17th... the 1st official WORK DAY at the garden.  2 volunteers were there to help, and more came out to see what we had planned. A few picked up tools to help. With a lot of SWEAT-EQUITY, we gave this garden a shot of STEROIDS!....The Redmond Rousers and friends made 6 raised beds 4ft x 8 ft in size, augmenting and rototilling the soil. All this happened from 9am-noon. My hope is that with the changes we make, we will be able to give the little garden much needed boost to grow lots of great foods and some beautiful flowers for the residents of Hopelink, in Redmond.



  1. Do you have a pic of the garden as it stands now?? I'd really like to see it..and help sometime as well...

  2. yes, I am going to the garden tonight & I will have an updated photo...will post ASAP. Kelly

  3. this green tomatoe is one of the plants in the garden now. I will be posting about the garden is doing well. All the little sprouts of "food" are coming up.

  4. ok just was at the garden on Sat is looking good. Everthing is coming up....and getting big. Our goal is to start pickin produce in about a week. Lettuce is almost there....& tomatoes are coming well as zuchini too.

    The Garden is at the Community center on Avondale Rd. Turn at 98th way into the housing complex...and the garden is right there. Address is about 9799 Avondale N.E.

  5. Someone has been tending to the garden this fall season, and cleaned it up...which is a great thing. THANK YOU....who ever you are.


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