Monday, June 21, 2010

Blazing Bagels - breaks barriers & wins respect of customer support

Who knew they were so healthy???  They are certainly the best things to put in your mouth sinced sliced bread...wait, they home bake that and brownies too!!!  Blazing Bagels have my vote for YUM YUM goodness. Today I spent some much needed time at this local bakery that knows good food and why people love them.

Dennis, the local owner, was out at a fundraiser, helping the community, so I talked to General Manager, Karen Priszner, who was surprisingly open about the past signage controversy with the company. Years ago Blazing Bagels was the first to put people on the street advertising with moving signs. As she spoke, I remembered that. They were challenged by the city....taking their case all the way to the top. As you may know the little bagel company that could...did just that...could and would,  win their 1st amendment rights to be seen and heard.

Now all YOU need to do, is to taste them. If you have never had this tasty treat....try it, you'll like it. The store is a little off the main drag and behind Whole foods and the Redmond Inn,......but it is worth the find....a treasure of great eats and tasty treats!!!! The Redmond Rousers Rotary club support the local efforts of this business as they continually support CANCER awareness and issues in the community.

WAY TO GO!!!! Dennis.....You ROCK and Roll... like a BAGEL!!!!


  1. Have to go try these out sometime!!

  2. you should....thay are FAB! The Khalla bread is AWESOME!!! never had it till now. Their Rye is to die for too..... & of course the bagels were delish!!!

  3. I have experienced their bagels for many years and they are nothing short of AWESOME - soft and always fresh. A MUST for anyone living on the Eastside for sure. Thanks for sharing their story Kelly.

  4. I was driving through Bellevue on Saturday & noticed the other location. It is across the street from the Metro Bus area on 108th & N.E. 6th.....just So. of the big blue, Symetra Bldg.


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