Thursday, March 25, 2010

3rd Grade Dictionaries to 60 students

60 students got FREE dictionaries from the Rotary Club of Redmond Rousers. The 3rd grade is the target for this kind of dictionary, as reported by Judy Ginn, Literacy coordinator, of District 5030 here in the greater Seattle area. This is the second year the Rousers have given dictionaries to the kids in Mrs Banas class at Benjamin Rush Elementary. "As president of our Rousers Rotary Club this year, I plan to do as much as we can for this wonderful literacy project for the kids. They love the books & we love to give them the opportunity to learn. You should see their faces light up when we tell them they now OWN a book of their own. They squeal with delight, & we get FREE hugs. It is the best day of the year & the most rewarding gift we give, in my opinion."

Pictured here on October 9th, 2009 when we handed out the dictionaries, is our wonderful & long time Rouser of 18 years, Russ Newman. 4 months after this photo, On February 7th 2010,  Russ died from complications, after heart surgery. We miss him dearly.  The kids called him, "the old one"....he chuckled, and loved the ROUDY ROUSER he was!

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  1. Awe....Our Favorite RUSS NEWMAN.....helping kids just last out FREE dictionaries to 3rd graders. We miss you Russ!


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