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Jesus saves sinners... and redeems them for valuable prizes!

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Redmond Rousers Rotary closes, Dec 31st, 2012.

The ENDING of the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club happens officially on Dec 31st 2012. After many attempts to keep the 22 year club in operation, the board of directors finally had to shut it down for low attendance.

Kelly Kyle, Past President 2010-2012 said that the club had tried very hard to keep the club operational and thriving for many years. We even lowered the amount of the dues to only $400.00 a year....from over $1200 previously. The economy has taken a toll on peoples spending budgets and time awareness, towards "volunteer projects" too, Kyle says.

The Rousers, have faced some AWESOME challenges in their 22 year history, and those are noteworthy. You can find many, many projects listed within these BLOG pages.....But my favorite is still the slum house in Lima Peru....where we spent $3,600 to connect this house in the outskirts of town to running water & sewer for 40 people. The kids and people of that project were so thankful and we were never prouder....of any project. Also the starting of the 425 Coup de Cascades Bike race was a wonderful way to donate to POLIO eradication too.

To see more go to  www.alifebuildinghope.org 
5030 district site to connect to more great ROTARY projects in our area.

Kelly Kyle  -   info@redmondrousersrotary.org

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Carolines' Story - An Ovarian Cancer Suvivor story, that needs to be told

"If only I had known." A common phrase we all think or say on a fairly regular basis. I have one huge "if only I had known." I don't like to think about it everyday, it would make me miserable and you should not live your life with regrets or wishing you had had the benefit of hindsight. However, my "if only I had known" is a driving force behind this Teal and Toe Walk. Have you guessed it yet? It is, of course "if only I had known the symptoms of ovarian cancer." There I said it. I shall not dwell on it but use it as a positive force to educate others and just maybe help save a life.

I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer on July 15th, 2010. Prior to that diagnosis I had suffered with symptoms of a bloated abdomen, indigestion, and back ache for months. Yes, months. I did not suspect in the slightest that these symptoms could mean something as serious as cancer. I did not feel ill, just uncomfortable and put it down to menopause and middle age spread (I was 48 at the time). The turning point that drove me to the Ob-Gyn was finding I could not bend over to tie my shoe laces (my abdomen was so bloated and hard but not in a good way) and I knew I wasn't pregnant! I finally managed to tie my laces but whilst walking I struggled to catch my breath. For those of you that know me, you will understand that this is very unusual. I walk a lot.

A visit to the Ob-Gyn revealed that yes I was going through menopause (really?) that I did have slightly swollen ovaries and because of my symptoms I should have a vaginal ultrasound. The next day I received a call from the office of the Ob-Gyn stating that I had unusally high protein levels, so I should make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist and would not need the untrasound. (Dare I say it "if only....")

So a week later I found myself sitting infront of a Gastroenterologist explaining my symptoms of a bloated abdomen, indigestion, and back ache. He suggested I could have I.B.S., a gluten allergy, or gall stones. I went through a month of tests, pelvic and abdominal scans and ultrasounds. Everything came back negative. Yet I still had these symptoms. What could it be?

I finally received a call (the Friday before July 4th weekend holiday) from the office of the Gastroenterologist. Actually it was a voicemail stating that the CAT scan revealed a mass by my pancreas and I would need to go in for a biopsy. Not a voicemail I was happy to listen to and I cannot begin to explain how worried I was that long weekend. I think I might have drank a little too much and not because of the 4th of July celebrations!

The following Tuesday I presented myself at the hospital for a biopsy. On returning home the phone was ringing, I answered to be told that my Gastroenterologist had happened to bump into the Oncologist and discussed my case with her. She had told him I needed to go straight back to the hospital and have a Ca125 blood test taken. So that is why I found myself sitting before an Oncologist on July 15th, 2010 being informed my Ca125 number was 3,500 (normal range is 0-35) and that I had stage 3C ovarian cancer.

What followed was a blur - the very next day I started chemotherapy. Three months later I had a very successful operation followed by 10 months of chemotherapy, the last being in September 2011. Unfortunately in November my Ca125 started to elevate, and in December I was diagnosed with a recurrance. Another successful surgery followed in January 2012 and then more chemotherapy. I am currently undergoing treatment but am happy to report my Ca125 number is now 29 and "normal". I always hoped Daren would think of me as special but now "normal" is the sweetest word to my ears and how ecstatic I am to be 29 again!

I began my story with the words "if only I had known." Seriously, if only I had known the symptoms of ovarian cancer I would have taken myself off to the Doctor so much earlier than I did, and would have been able to advocate for my own health. If only the health professionals I came in contact with had known the symptoms I would have been diagnosed so much sooner. My mission now is to educate and spread the word to as many people as possible (and not just women) about the symptoms of this dreadful disease. Thankfully this journey has lead me to two lovely ladies, Joan and her twin sister Jean, co-founders of O&BCA. I am so happy to be involved with this charity and feel lucky to be part of a program run by O&BCA called Survivors Educating Students. Telling my story to student nurse practitioners is a vital part of my healing process and a great weapon to combat the "if only I had known the symptoms of ovarian cancer" demon.

As a two year, two times ovarian cancer survivor I invite you to join me on the First Annual Teal and Toe Walk and help raise awareness for a somewhat overlooked cancer. Please support Joan and her wonderful charity. A big hug and a huge thank you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

COUP de CASCADES – Washington State’s only RAAM qualifier

L to R: Larry Denke, Mick Walsh, Chris Ragsdale, Dave Preston
The 2nd annual Coup de Cascades took off with an official whistle and cheers from spectators early Saturday morning at 7:29 am Aug 18th 2012. It is the only Ultra Marathon Cycling RAAM Race in Washington State.

The Coup de Cascades is a 425 mile bicycle race route, through the Cascade Mountains, making it a RAAM qualifier. Race Across America or RAAM as it is known, has been deemed the “toughest bike race in the world”, according to some.

RAAM owner and past racer, Fred Bothling visited the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club, who are the owners and sponsors of the Coup de Cascades. He said, “the area is ripe for road racing. It’s the perfect area to train for all terrains”. With the total elevation gain of over 24,000 feet, it is an adventure to say the least. The views and overlooks are spectacular.

In November of 2011, Bothling was here to give the great news. According to all the documents submitted in their 1st race on Sept 24 & 25, 2011 the Coup de Cascades is now officially a RAAM qualifier. The hard work has paid off. The Rousers earned the RAAM worthy title. “We get to use their name and logos for the event” say Kyle, “that’s huge”.

Kelly Kyle the co-founder and Race Director of the Coup de Cascades, decided to officiate again this year from the road. “I did it solo this year, and it turned out to be a great experience. I was not disappointed or bored at anytime during the race. I feel this event could turn out to be the greatest bike race in Washington state”, says Kyle, past President of the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club. The terrain and the scope of this race all make up to be one heck of a field for athletes who love a challenge.

This year’s Solo winner was Mick Walsh with a time of 28 hours and 47 minutes. Almost 1.5 hours faster than last year’s race. The 2-man team made up of Dave Preston & Chris Ragsdale was won in 23 hours and 1 minute. Larry Denke, from Kennewick, Wa. entered the solo division, and made it 270 miles before leaving the race near Lake Chelan. The Coup de Cascades 425 mile RACE, the 100 mile Century & the 50 mile ½ century RIDES are all fundraisers for the Rousers, so the money collected goes to charities to help others locally and globally. Rotary helps kids and families and is the largest service organization in the world. There are over 1.2 million Rotarians helping others just like the Redmond Rousers do.

“All the local volunteers and club members had a wonderful time helping and being a part of something really big”, said Deana Hale with Edward Jones Investments, a sponsor of this year’s race. Another big sponsor for the Coup de Cascades this year was HAMMER nutrition. They provided lots of products for the goodies bags for all the Racers and our century Riders too. Thanks to Redmond Inn & WOM 10 for also supporting the Coup de Cascades for its 2nd year.

Polio is a disease that knows no boundaries. It’s still a big concern for all kids around the world. It can spread like wildfire. “With a non-vaccine climate growing in the USA, and globally, we might find ourselves at risk if we do not eradicate this thing NOW”, say Kyle. “It’s a virus that lives inside you that once you have it, it never goes away. It can have a devastating effect on people and even cause death in some. Most are horribly disfigured and then can’t walk, leaving them a burden on their families”.

Polio in North America and most of the world has been wiped out for many years, but it still exists in 3 countries around the world. In Afghanistan, Pakistan & Nigeria, the small villages and mountainous regions are tough to get into because of religious reason, fighting and war. Polio could come back if it is not 100 % eradicated. Our mission in the Redmond Rousers Rotary is to help get it totally eradicated off the earth. It’s been Rotary’s vision and plan for the last 25 years. Rotary has great partners like the World Health Organization, UNICEF & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who make the job at hand easier. Let’s all help to get this done and past us. Let’s END POLIO NOW. Go to the Coup de Cascades website www.coupdecascades.org for more info and how to help volunteer or sign up for next year’s 425 mile RACE or the local 50 and 100 mile RIDES.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

AUG 18 & 19 2012 Coup de Cascades - New RAAM qualifier in Redmond. Wa.

Things in Redmond are picking up speed, like the New RAAM Qualifier, Coup de Cascades. For those of you who do not know what RAAM is, it is "Race Across America", the hardest Bicycle race in the world. RAAM is 3000 miles of blood, sweat, and tears....A race, from Oceanside California, to Annapolis, Maryland. So, you have to prove yourself, before they just let you ride in this race, that's where our "Qualifier", the COUP DE CASCADES, comes in. This photo is the 1st winner of the Coup de Cascades 2011, Mick Walsh, and his crew.

This is the 2nd year of this race, and the 1st as being a qualifier, and it's already doubling what they did last year. The 1st year they had 22 participants, and they hope to have 40-50 this year.  The event starts and ends at Mr. Crampy's multisport just east of the back entrance to Marymoor park. And this year a new sponsor jumped onboard, to support this race, HAMMER NUTRITION. There's a  long list of admirers and new people joining the Coup de Cascades FAN page, on Facebook, all the time. Even BICYCLE PAPER, has us listed on their event calendar, this year too. http://www.bicyclepaper.com/events/14596-Coup-de-Cascades-425

"When people find out about this event, they love it", says Co-founder, Kelly Kyle a Redmond Rousers Rotary Club Member. "This Ultra Marathon bike race is just what Washington State needed", says other Co-founder, Shannon Henery.  Both women sat down for coffee one day in April 2011 and came up with the name and idea for this race, and said, "let's do it". With Shannon's racing experience & knowledge and the Rotary Club's knowhow and support, this event is sure to be a classic and a winner for everyone. You can Ride or Race....and everyone is happy.

So, RACE 425 miles...solo or in a team, with your own SAG crew, or you can leisurely RIDE in a 50 or 100 mile supported ride. Both events are to raise money to END POLIO. Rotary International has been committed to ENDING POLIO for over 25 years. Polio is almost completely gone, except in 3 countries, Afhanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. There are less than 200 live cases left in the world, but this is not good enough to stop there. POLIO is contagious and can spread like wild fire....running through communities and villages killing and maming children who are not protected from this virus. If left at this stage, it could completely comeback and kill hundreds of thousands every year. The message is simple, "We can't stop till it is done and gone from this earth. The children of the world are counting on us to do it...for them", says Kelly Kyle a strong advocate and supporter of the END POLIO campaign.

You might be asking....How can I help?.....you can volunteer to help the Redmond Rousers Rotary Club at various water stations or registration, or donate money to the cause. You can RIDE or RACE in the Coup de Cascades and help save a life. You can help spread the message: HELP 1.2 million Rotarians all over the world, along with the WHO, CDC, UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to Eradicate Polio, once and for all, Let's remove POLIO from the earth. Only once before, have humans done this....to a disease. This is a HUGE task...we need the whole world to care about POLIO, to get it done.

PLEASE help us support the Redmond Rousers Rotary, and the Coup de Cascades.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SWEET CORN....for a great cause... KIDS!

Come to the ANNUAL Derby Days celebration this year.....and visit our ROWDY ROUSERS at our Redmond Rousers ROTARY Food Booth this year to help out the kids in our community. Buy our,  HOT BUTTERED, Local SWEET corn, ready for you to eat. Only $3.00 per ear....  We will have lots of water, pop, chips, and lots of yummy spices for the corn...with plenty of napkins.

Supporting us, means supporting the community and all we do: From gardening at Hopelink for the residents...helping ERADICATING POLIO, to scholarships for college transition classes, to literacy programs like 3rd grade dictionaries, Partners For WORK, and supporting Karen at Project Amigo, feeding the homeless & hungry, and working at N.W. Harvest repacking thousands of lbs of bulk food, to feeding the teens every quarter at the Old Redmond Teen Center.

WE are a BUSY, energetic and thriving club.... "we make a difference"
See president gordon, gtkyle53@msn.com

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Check us out ....see why WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE

We NOW meet at IXTAPA Mexican Restaurant,
22350 - N.E. Marketplace Dr. on Redmond Ridge.
info@redmondrousersrotary.org  or   425-765-5433 for more info.
Call:  President Gordon Kyle

Interested in becoming a part of HELPING OTHERS, Sevice Above Self... and VOLUNTEERING ???  What's on YOUR bucket list..??? at the REDMOND ROUSERS ROTARY CLUB.  "We Make a Difference".  You will leave with a renewed sense of giving back and how we are helping our REDMOND community to grow.  We are all about the Community..and it's surrounding neighbors in Duval, Carnation, Fall City and eastside areas with businesses, organizations and residents.  We also have many international opportunities that we participate in as well.  Our newest fundraiser, the 425 mile Coup de Cascades cycling RACE or RIDE, is awesome.  www.CoupdeCascades.org is all about ENDING POLIO worldwide.
Dues are only $250.00 a year, and the Rotary calendar year...is July1st, through June 30th. Prices for dinner are about $10.00 per meal..per week...pay as you go...it is TACO tuesdays...and .99 tacos. YEAH!   Membership does have it's benefits.

We also have a variety of speakers that care about the area and are concerned for the world....JOIN US.  Bring some business cards. 

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